Biological Lake Management Solution | Common Problems solved

Biological Lake Management Solution for Common Lake Problems

Algae, Odor, Sludge Build-Up no problem for Bio Lake Clear!

100% SAFE for Swimming Lakes.


What causes ponds to become dirty and overgrown with algae and other matter?  Does your pond emit unpleasant odors and have a poor overall water quality?

Excess pollutants in the pond  cause low dissolved oxygen, poor fish and wildlife health, unpleasant odors, and overall poor water quality and contribute to a pond being unhealthy. Maintaining or improving water quality in lakes and ponds is a great challenge in today’s environment.  Our bodies of water are constantly receiving various pollutants, ranging from excessive nitrogen and phosphorous nutrients to organic wastes.

Carp – Fountains – Manual Raking – Chemical’s – Aerators = Do not Improve Water Quality

OES provides safe, environmentally friendly solutions to water quality problems in commercial aquaculture, recreational lakes/ponds, decorative ponds and fountains, and Koi Ponds. It’s not uncommon for swimming lakes/ponds to have algae problem, sulfide odor problems from excessive sludge build-up, water clarity, fecal coliform and possible high ammonia problems. With Bio Lake Clear and Bio Ecosocks, we can resolve these issues safely and effectively.




BioLakeClearLabel boxOES products are based on bacterial augmentation, which is the addition of safe, natural bacteria to bodies of water to reduce pollution and restore aquatic systems to natural beauty and balance.

Benefits from use of OES lake products include:

  • Decreased fish mortality
  • Reduce sludge build up
  • Organic and inorganic nutrient removal
  • Elimination of unpleasant odors
  • Improved water clarity
  • Healthier environment for fish, wildlife, and humans just to name a few.

OES products safely degrade organic pollutants, decrease nitrogen and phosphorous,  improve  dissolved  oxygen,  and  decrease the potential for pathogenic bacterial growth.

Typical applications include:

  • Lake communities
  • Parks
  • Corporate ponds/lakes
  • Condo associations
  • Commercial  ponds, and recreational lakes.

Until now, solutions have been elusive, and limited to expensive manual cleaning and dredging, or use of dangerous or toxic chemicals. Finally, an environmentally friendly solution is available.  The results are dramatic, and the cost savings are dramatic, too.